Reader Reviews

“Needs more stick people. Racist.”

Stick Person 10454

“Anyone got any apples? I’ll eat the blue ones too.”


“Altogether enjoyable, the color scheme is terrible. White text on black background? Please. Why not stab out my non-existent eyes while you’re at it? Author, if you’re reading this, change it back to purple on orange post-haste. Love, Sticky!”

Stick Person (Grand Praetor of the Tau-Omega Empire Sub-sector 400B)

“BhJ5jg(&^bC2j  67*%^B,.m}{“


“I was enjoying the story right until they started hurting the crabs. Why? Why would you hurt those tasty, delicious crustaceans? I…I need to take a break. And eat crabs.”

Pot Head

“My favorite character was the acid fly killed in 1.06. R.I.P. Acid fly. You will be missed. BEGHJKMNOPQRSTUVWXZ. See that? I left out the ‘acid fly’ on purpose. That’s how much of a gap you’ve left.”

Stick Person Green

“On first glance, this may seem to the uninformed to be a simple story using the widely perpetuated ‘gaming world’ trope of the Japanese Light Novel. In the very first chapter we are introduced to our protagonist, one Erin Solstice. … Continue reading


“Special sale on acid flies and free drinks to whoever kicks the author of this story in the teeth. Seriously. Don’t I get hazard pay or something for all of this?”

Erin Solstice

“Vaguely acceptable.”

Barefoot Asian Running Girl

“Who wrote this? If you want a REAL story, go check out the light novel Overlord, or read something by Terry Pratchett. 1/10, would not write again.“



16 thoughts on “Reader Reviews

  1. The goblins in Wandering Inn has more character development than in RE:monster, and everyone liked -that-, so you should totally read this one too.

  2. “Nice mix of normal reactions to unusual circumstances(both from and toward newcomers) with a hefty amount of continual surprises. Never bored, interested in where it goes, enjoying permanent quirks of characters, the distinct imaginative races, the realism, and the eccentric world system. Rough draft shows in spots, but overall awesome. 9/10, would write myself; this story needs to be written.”

  3. One of the most interesting story i’ve ever read online, the characters are all excellently well developed and the plot very refreshing

  4. Great storytelling combined with realistic, likable characters and plenty of plot development as well as character development—which many web novels lack—make this one of the most enjoyable WN’s I have had the pleasure of reading. Keep up the good work, I’m loving it!

  5. I’m not going to say this story is the best ever made, but it definitely does hold its own. The characters have their own depth, and as a whole it’s a great place to find some entertainment. I hold Erin a much more enjoyable character than Ryoka for practically every reason, but even then Ryoka isn’t a write-off.

    If you wanted a story you check on about twice a week with a realistic grasp on a fantasy environment *regardless of how common that idea is becoming* this is definitely one of the better takes and something I personally could recommend. I also hope the author could keep up this project and its eventual length until the end, because I’ll damn well be there for it.

  6. I binge read this story. I love the lore, and the characters really grow in you. Loved it, wish you could write more faster!

  7. I’ve just spent two days (literally) reading this story, and it’s been amazing so far. Even though I’m left with a sore back and the need to catch up in sleep I just can’t wait for the next chapter to be released. Thanks for sharing this story!

  8. Hey! Loving this story! Just donated $5 to this story. Love everything about it. The feelings, differing perspectives, struggles, heartbreak, joy, laughter, ridiculous antics and conversations, it all makes it feel like I’m reading about actual people. Erin is a beautiful soul thrust into desperation time and time again and she comes out stronger each time even if she doesn’t quite realize it herself. Ryoka is a whirlwind of rage and running while also being a great counterbalance of caution and reasoning to Erin’s “innocence”. I can’t wait to read more of this story for a long time and hope the author can reach a satisfying conclusion for both reader and themselves. I’d love to have my very own character but I do not wish to take away from the authors creativity with my own ideas or bias. Keep writing this comedy and fantasy gold!
    A Smiling Cat

  9. TLDR: This work is consistently quite good (just get about, 3-4 chapters in before judging), impressively long, and fixes its genre’s worst sins.TWI regularly rises above the shoutouts and references its genre loads it down with to be something much better than its inspirations.

    Positives: The Wandering Inn (TWI) fixes a LOT of the glaring flaws of the genre it falls in with good old fashioned solid characterizations. There are “gaming world” light novels where protagonists are in almost any situation, even underdogs. But the genre as a whole is plagued with smarter than thou, mary sue sociopaths. (Seriously, what’s up with that… is it a translation thing? I swear most these protagonists are one youngling harvest short of a full Anaken Skywalker.)

    TWI characters feel like real people dropped into fantasy situations. They respond to stimuli in relatable ways. They aren’t inhuman munchkins and min-maxxers. And they’re interesting.

    Negatives: The shout-outs can make otherwise awesome moments fall a bit flat. Now the framework for the genre is one big reference to a lot of geek culture. So references fit pretty naturally here and TWI does them less frequently and much more gracefully than similar works. But I’m always a bit disappointed when an author decides to pull from the more common parts of pop culture.

    Beautifully crafted original universe or references to things somebody’s found from painstakingly deeper research (say into pre-islam middle eastern pagan cultures) show, oh so very much. But both of those take stupid amounts of time. References piggybacking on the common will get the job done to a lesser or greater degree… but as Erin might say, you don’t get an [Immortal Moment] without putting in the work.

  10. Recently I read the book Sufficiently Advanced Magic and really enjoyed its inclusion of magic in a game like structure as I had never read anything like it before. On his blog he recommended this to try out. I do not regret doing that at all. The complexities of the characters, world, and the story has made this a fantastic read so far, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Another reason I like it is its similarities to one of my favorite series right now, The Schooled in Magic series by Christopher Nuttall. If you haven’t heard of it I seriously suggest you check it out. The world building in it is amazing, just like this.

  11. Love reading your story! Just finally caught up to the newest chapters! Am a big fan of fantasy and LitRPG and have read tons of books. Love your world and stories and characters! Keep up the amazing work!

  12. Amazing story. I’m an Spanish person and it’s kind of difficult for me to read in English but I’ve been reading this for a week. In all my spare time I was with my mobile trying to catch up with the last post. I don’t know if I am expressing me well enough but I really really love this story. Thanks for all your work. 😀

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